Veterinary Anesthesia Services
Veterinary anesthesia care and pain management is a field in continuous growth as animals are much more considered as part of the family and owners are willing to improve their quality of life and life expectation.

The presence of anesthesiologists (board-certified specialist by the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia, ACVAA) in Canadian universities is long-standing, however the presence of a specialist on staff or available for consultation in the veterinary private practices is still infrequent, but it has been growing in the last past years.

Indeed, young generation of veterinarians feel more and more the need for specializing in one discipline in order to achieve excellence in the service they provide to the owners and they better understand the need of having a person dedicated only to the anesthetic care.

At present the perianesthetic mortality rate for overall healthy dogs and cats is about 0.05-0.24% and it increases up to 1.4% when they are seriously ill. Looking at sick and debilitated rabbits and horses the mortality rate rises to 7% and 5% respectively. In human medicine where the presence of the anesthesiologist is essentialand advanced monitoring is used the mortality rate for healthy patients reported in 2000 is 0.001%, far lower than veterinary medicine.